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MSRP: $259.99

The Kraken water pipe bong is an amazingly intricate glass piece from the artists at T'ataoo. At just 6 inches or so high, it is a compact mini bong that really packs a punch. 

A realistic cephalopod-like shape body acts as a mouthpiece with its legs embracing the glass chamber and encompassing the bong. The mottled color pattern is distinctive and detailed, with each handmade piece being unique.  

This heady glass bong doesn't just look great it functions impressively as well. A 12 slotted perc works to create plenty of bubbles that help filter your smoke before it's drawn into the Kraken's body and travels up out into your mouth. 

A stunning and unique bong that will be sure to turn heads, this small bong oozes artistic expression. 

Products specifications
Material Glass
Size 12"
Price Range $85-$94.99
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