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Six Pointed Star Talisman Glass Bong

This Tataoo glass bong combines symbols of power and wisdom. It has geometric designs about the downstem and base, while the main chamber has a hexagram sandblasted around it. 

Made by intersecting two equilateral triangles, this star-shaped emblem has been used over eons to symbolize everything from ceremonial magic, the union of Heaven and earth, elements of the natural world, and spirituality. Therefore relax and enjoy the action of this magnificent piece of glass that we hope brings you friendship, love, and wisdom.

This T'ataoo glass bong features a large central cylindrical chamber with a vaulted top that houses showerhead perc for sensational filtration. A simple straight neck leads up to the accentuated mouthpiece, which is color-coordinated with the bongs downstem.

Products specifications
Material Glass
Size 10"
Price Range $55 - $64.99
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